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Essential Furnace Repairs in Charleston, SC, to Keep the Cold at Bay

Are you wearing your heavy winter coat and fur mittens inside your home? Unless this is a personal fashion choice, this is no way to live. Our furnace repair company can help keep the frost where it belongs — outside! We offer same-day services so that you can have peace of mind knowing your heater problems will be taken care of promptly.

At Rudd Plumbing, Heating and Air, we’re committed to providing personalized solutions. That’s why our technicians always take the time to sit down and discuss your needs and preferences. From there, they will suggest options that will address your problem and exceed your expectations. We proudly offer fast furnace repair throughout the Charleston, SC, area, including:

  • Bonneau
  • Cane Bay
  • Cross
  • Daniel Island
  • Folly Beach
  • Goose Creek
  • Hanahan
  • Isle of Palms
  • James Island
  • Johns Island
  • Kiawah Island
  • Knightsville
  • Ladson
  • Moncks Corner
  • Mount Pleasant
  • North Charleston
  • Ridgeville
  • Low County
  • Wando
  • West Ashley
  • And beyond!

Furnace Repair Services in Charleston, SC

A broken furnace unit not only creates an uncomfortable environment but also risks your family’s health. No matter if your heater breaks down in the middle of the workday or on a holiday, you can count on our emergency HVAC team to provide prompt solutions. For several decades, we’ve been keeping furnaces running and families feeling comfortable in their homes.

Our furnace repair contractors service all brands of electric and gas furnaces. Each one has been extensively trained and certified in a variety of heater issues. Whether your system is making weird noises or not producing any hot air, we have the skills to provide the best furnace unit repairs. We also keep our company vehicles fully stocked with high-quality parts and tools so that we can get your home warm as fast as possible.

Why Is Your Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air?

One of the most common signs of furnace failure is a system producing cold air or no air at all. Because the heater is made up of complex components, it can be challenging to pinpoint the source of the problem without the proper training. However, you can troubleshoot the issue by reviewing the main reasons your furnace is not blowing hot air.

The Thermostat Is Not on the Right Settings

Ensure your thermostat is set to “auto” rather than “on.” If the fan is on, it will circulate air even when the indoor temperature is not low enough to kick on the heat. Also, make sure no one else in your household has changed the set temperature.

Your DIY Thermostat Installation Is Causing Problems

If you installed a thermostat yourself, it might be wired incorrectly or incompatible with your heating system. The professionals at our furnace repair company can inspect the connections and ensure everything is working correctly.

The Air Filter Is Clogged

When the filter is full of dirt, dust, and allergens, the furnace needs to work harder to heat the home. Because of this, the unit may become overheated and produce cold air to cool itself down. This air will be circulated throughout your home. Simply replacing the filter should resolve this issue

The Condensate Line Is Blocked

When the condensate line becomes clogged, a switch is tripped, preventing the burners from igniting. As a result, cold air is blown into your home. Our furnace repair technicians in Charleston, SC, are equipped with the specialized tools to clear the line and reset the system.

Your Ducts Are Leaking

Leaky air ducts do not simply lose hot air; they also allow cold air to seep into the system. This cold air is then pushed through the registers in your home. Our professionals can inspect your system to determine if your ductwork needs to be repaired.

The Burner or Flame Sensor Is Dirty

The burner and flame sensor are responsible for producing hot air. When these components become dirty or wear out, your furnace will not generate heat. Instead, the fan in the unit will push cool air throughout your home. If the burner or flame sensor is the source of your heating issues, you will need to schedule professional furnace repair services to clean or replace these parts.

If your furnace problems are persistent, don’t wait to get in touch with our furnace repair contractors in Charleston, SC. We’ll quickly diagnose and fix the problem to keep your home comfortable all season.

Other Signs of a Broken Furnace Unit

Are things heating up in your home, but not in a good way? If you’re having trouble keeping your home comfortable during the winter, you need a fast furnace repair. Our technicians can help you with the following heater problems:

  • Abnormal smells
  • A furnace that won’t turn on
  • A yellow pilot light
  • Persistent, unusual sounds
  • Excess dust floating in the air or accumulating near vents
  • Tripped carbon monoxide detectors

No matter which problem you’re experiencing, you can trust our furnace unit repair technicians to provide lasting solutions.

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Schedule Affordable Furnace Repair in Charleston, SC, and Beyond

Don’t let the cold overtake your home. Turn to Rudd Plumbing, Heating and Air for affordable furnace repair services in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas, including Bonneau, Cane Bay, Cross, Daniel Island, Folly Beach, Goose Creek, Hanahan, Isle of Palms, James Island, Johns Island, Kiawah Island, Knightsville, Ladson, Moncks Corner, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Ridgeville, Low County, Wando, and West Ashley.

Our technicians will provide the personal attention you deserve and come up with solutions that allow you to enjoy long-term peace of mind. Before working on your project, we will talk with you to understand your needs. Once we have a firm grasp of your goals, we’ll present a solution that works for your home.

Contact us now to schedule same-day furnace repair services. We can also help you with furnace maintenance or furnace installation to ensure your home’s comfortable all winter long.

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