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Thinking  of replacing your old water and opting for a unit that leverages more efficient technology? Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand, working to not only provide unparalleled convenience but help lower your energy over time. Whether you’re upgrading, need a professional to take a look at your current unit, or want to speak with a professional about scheduling tankless water heater tune-ups to keep everything operating as it should, our team is here for you!

We work on tankless water heaters in or around Charleston, SC, including:

We will dispatch a knowledgeable expert to your home the same day you call for an estimate or repair. We will take the time to go through your options and our recommended solution. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and won’t consider the job done until we have made sure your water heater is 100% efficient.



Compared to standard water heaters, tankless systems come with a higher upfront cost. However, a well-maintained tankless water heater can make up for that difference by offering more efficient, energy-saving benefits that can help you in the long run.

Here are just some of the benefits you partner with us for tankless water heater installation:


Tankless water heaters ensure that your entire household has a steady supply of hot water whenever it’s needed. Unlike traditional tank-style water heaters, where hot water can run out, tankless systems are designed to quickly provide you with hot water (typically in seconds) whenever you turn on the hot water tap.


Tankless water heaters don’t go through standby energy loss like their tank-style counterparts. You will only get the hot water you need when you need it, instead of wasting energy keeping several gallons of water hot throughout the day.


Installing a tankless water heater will take up less space in your home. Without a large tank to worry about, you can easily have your tankless unit installed against the wall of a small closet or utility room, or even on an outside wall of your home — making it the perfect solution for homeowners who want to maximize space.


Tankless water heaters can last up to 10 years longer than standard water heaters. With routine care and maintenance, tankless systems can help you enjoy 15 to 20 years of efficient hot water and help you save on early replacement.


While tankless water heaters are reliable, they can run into issues just like any other piece of mechanical equipment. It’s vital to recognize some of the signs that indicate repairs are needed, including:


No hot water

Other failing or inefficient appliances that need hot water

The unit shuts itself off

Strange taste or color in your water

The system is leaky

Your heater makes odd noises

If you’re face to face with any complication, it’s imperative to turn to our team for tankless water heater repair.



If you’re like most homeowners, you love finding new ways to save money while making your home more functional. For this reason, you chose to install a tankless water heater. Unfortunately, now you’re running into issues. Your tankless unit isn’t producing hot water, it’s leaking, or it’s noisy. What do you do? Turn to our trained plumbing professionals, of course! We offer emergency tankless water heater services to ensure your system runs smoothly for the duration of its lifespan.


Depending on a variety of factors, fixing your unit up may not be the best course of action. Whether it comes down to cost-effectiveness, service life, or dependable operation, we’ll always steer you in the right direction as far as ensuring your property is outfitted with a solution that won’t surprise you. When you call on us for tankless water heater replacement, you can feel confident you’re making a sound investment.



You’ll get to enjoy several benefits with a tankless water heater, but that doesn’t mean your system won’t need to be maintained. Annual maintenance remains a crucial part of ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your water heater. Fortunately, we can handle this for you!

Over time, minerals and sediment can build up in your water heater’s heat exchanger. This can result in scaling and cause your water heater to work harder — which, in turn, can lead to high utility bills and shorten the life of your unit.

Regular maintenance by way of periodic tankless water heater tune-ups is one of the best ways to protect your investment and keep your unit working efficiently for 20 years or more. Yearly maintenance and flushing are typically recommended, but in areas with hard water, routine maintenance may be needed every six months. Our experts will assess your needs and help you develop a tankless water maintenance schedule that works for you.


While deciding if a tankless water heater is the right option for your home and your family, you likely have several questions running through your mind. Luckily, you don’t have to wrestle with these questions any longer. Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions about tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are also called demand-type water heaters because they produce hot water on demand. Unlike traditional water heaters, which store hot water in a tank for use at any point, tankless units provide hot water whenever the hot water faucet is turned on. To do this, cold water is sent through a heat exchanger in the unit. The natural gas or propane burner then heats the water. This will allow the unit to instantly heat and begin sending hot water to you. For even faster hot water, we recommend a tankless water heater with built-in recirculation to lower the time it takes you to receive hot water. Our plumbers can discuss the options available for you and your home, as every home is different.

The cost to install a tankless water heater will vary depending on whether you get a natural gas or propane tankless water heater, its size, and the factors involved in installing the unit.

The things that must be considered for every tankless water heater are the following:

  • Placement of the Unit: The unit must be placed in a manner for proper ventilation. Additionally, distance away from gas and water lines can play a factor in the cost of installation.
  • Location of Water and Gas Lines in Relation to the Unit: We try to find options that minimize adding costs to your project.
  • Internal Versus External Installation: Where the unit is installed will determine the venting and fresh air intake infrastructure required.
  • Electrical Outlet: The tankless unit does require an electrical outlet to operate the fan, pump, and other minor electrical components to run efficiently.

You can get an accurate quote for your installation by requesting a no-cost consultation today.

When considering the “size” of a tankless water heater, you’re really examining its flow rate. The flow rate is the number of gallons of hot water the unit can produce per minute. How do you know if the tankless unit you’re interested in has a large enough flow rate? Consider how many fixtures you would like to operate at the same time and how much hot water each one uses. The more appliances or fixtures you would like to run simultaneously and the more hot water they use, the greater the tankless heater’s flow rate will need to be.

While calculating what size tankless water heater is right for your home and your needs, you also need to consider your area’s groundwater temperature. When the groundwater is cold, it will require the water heater to work harder in order to reach your desired hot water temperature. For this reason, the temperature rise (the difference between the temperature of the incoming water and the hot water from the faucet) can affect your unit’s flow rate.

If all these calculations have your head spinning, turn to the professionals at Rudd Plumbing, Heating and Air. We’re experts at determining the right size tankless water heaters for all homes and can help you select the perfect unit for your hot water needs.

The length of time a tankless water heater will last will depend on a few variables: the quality of installation, quality of maintenance, water quality, and quality of the tankless unit installed. It is not uncommon for a properly installed and maintained system to last more than 20 years, but it is also common for a poorly installed and maintained system to last considerably less time.

When Rudd Plumbing, Heating and Air installs a tankless water heater, we believe in going beyond code minimum and installing with the best practices in mind. This will give the unit the best chance for longevity. We go above and beyond by following manufacturer recommendations and properly servicing units instead of just “flushing” them. Our goal is to keep your unit performing and for you not to need us for an emergency repair.


No matter which type of water heater you have or need to install — whether it’s electric or gas-fueled — we have you covered. Once your appointment is booked, we will send a skilled and highly trained plumber to your home who will provide you with a detailed assessment and explanation of your options. We are committed to providing safe, efficient, and professional installations and repairs to help you enjoy long-term peace of mind and worry-free hot water for years to come. Additionally, we offer a host of other solutions, including Emergency Plumbing and standard Hot Water Heater Service.