Sewer Replacement Services

Sewer Replacement Services in Summerville, SC

Experiencing recurring issues with your drains or toilets? Sewer line inspection and replacement may be necessary.

Rudd Plumbing, Heating and Air offers professional sewer line replacement in Summerville and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing fast turnarounds (with same-day service on most calls) and the quality solutions you deserve. Our skilled plumbers will take the time to discuss the scope of your sewer problem and provide you with a straightforward solution that fits your needs and situation.

Contact our Summerville sewer replacement experts today to receive an honest assessment of your needs and learn more about the sewer replacement process.

Sewer lines are designed to last a lifetime, with the average replacement period between 50 to 100 years. On average:

  • Clay pipes can last 50 to 60 years
  • Cast iron pipes can last 70 to 75 years
  • PVC pipes are expected to last 100 years

Factors Influencing Sewer Line Replacement

The lifespan of your sewer line depends on various factors. These include: pipe material, quality of the original installation, and the environment surrounding the sewer line.

Over time, your sewer line may become damaged due to nearby construction work, untreated hard water, tree roots, and other external factors.

Here are some of the factors that we will take into consideration when determining whether your sewer line needs to be replaced:


If your sewer line has been in use for over 50 years, it may have developed leaks, cracks, or other damage over time. Our experts will assess the extent of the problem and determine if it warrants a full sewer replacement.

Soil Movement

Soil movement can lead to breaks in the sewer line, which can cause foul odors around your property, leaks, and backed up drains.


The extent of corrosion in your sewer line will determine whether a full replacement is needed. In some cases, corrosion in pipes can be resolved with sewer cleaning. Our experts will examine the problem closely and present you with the best option.

Tree root damage

Tree roots are constantly seeking a water source. If trees are nearby, their roots can reach and break into your sewer line. Depending on the severity of damage, we will help you determine if sewer repair or replacement is best.


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Trust your home and your plumbing to your local experts at Rudd Plumbing, Heating and Air. We will only send skilled and licensed plumbing professionals to your home to assess the problem and present you with the best options. We use the latest technology to ensure accurate and efficient work, such as video pipe cameras that allow us to pinpoint the problem and the affected area. Our goal is to ensure the safe resolution of your plumbing and sewer problem, so your home can return to normal and you can finally enjoy the peace of mind you need.

Call now to book an immediate appointment for sewer replacement in Summerville, SC and receive an upfront estimate, personalized service, and peace of mind guaranteed!