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Air conditioners are important parts of your home and the best way to combat some of the roughest summer weather each season. Just like we do, air conditioners run into dreaded Father Time and suffer from the impacts of their usage. While occasional reboots can get your system functioning again, sometimes your AC’s problems necessitate a replacement. 

If your AC is experiencing problems or you just don’t want to be caught flat-footed when the time comes, consider what situations dictate the need for you to repair or replace your air conditioner.

How Long Will My AC Last?

How long your AC system lasts depends on a few factors, but the typical lifespan of the ideal air conditioner is about 10 to 15 years. If your unit’s age is in this range or above, it might be time for a more long-term solution. But if it’s on the shorter end of the timeframe, you might only need your unit repaired to get it back to normal — with the caveat that you’ve been getting proper maintenance and care.

When It’s Best to Repair

AC replacement costs are, of course, more than an AC repair, so if your HVAC technician determines that repair is best for you, you should feel safe taking this route. Repairs are usually necessary for minor issues or faults in your unit. Getting your unit installed by professionals can reduce the chances of flaws within your system, but even then, a few of these problems are common issues that might still pop up within your HVAC system. 

Your Unit Is Making Weird Sounds

HVAC systems occasionally make louder noises when starting up, but you shouldn’t be hearing any strange sounds emanating from the unit throughout the cooling process. You should definitely get any loud or unpleasant sounds addressed, as they could indicate loose parts or damages that could completely destroy your unit.

Frequent Cycling

Your cooling system should go through a few cycles here and there, even on the hottest days. It’s completely normal for an efficient system to take a bit of time to rest before hopping back up to work. But, if your AC frequently cycles on and off without cooling effectively, consider contacting an HVAC contractor to help identify what repairs are needed.

Leaks and Odors

Leaks and odors are important sensory signs that indicate repair problems. Normally a water leak indicates that you might have a clogged drain line, and warm air from your unit might indicate a refrigerant leak causing low refrigerant levels.

When It’s Best to Replace

If your unit needs replacement, you could be losing out on a ton of energy savings and sacrificing home comfort and indoor air quality. A damaged unit cannot do its job effectively and costs more money to do so, creating a lose-lose situation for you, the homeowner. If you have an older unit or you’ve noticed that you’ve been spending more on bills and repairs, it might be time to consider getting an upgrade. 

Your Unit Is Old

The biggest thing to note is the age of your AC unit. Older units can’t compete with the efficiency and power of newer units, especially as technology rapidly advances. If your unit is old and not effectively producing results, consider getting a replacement unit and watch how quickly you feel the improvements. 

You’ve Been Getting Frequent Repairs

Have repairs bills started to add up? A repair or two isn’t a huge sign of any problems, but if your unit is constantly demanding to be fixed, you might need to get it replaced. If you’re working with a good AC repair professional, odds are they’ll recommend a replacement unit to save you money instead of making you fork over your hard-earned cash for temporary repairs that aren’t working.

Your Energy Bills Have Gradually Skyrocketed

When was the last time you looked at your energy bills? If the costs have been rising behind your back, you might not notice until you compare the energy costs year over year. Older units likely have a lower seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), as units in the 1990s were only required to be 10 SEER, which increased to 13 SEER in 2006 and 14 SEER in 2015.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services in Lowcounty, SC

If your air conditioning is on the fritz and you’re unsure whether it’s time to get a professional to fix your unit or opt for a new system altogether — like a ductless mini split — turn to the technicians who’ve helped property owners just like you put their cooling woes to rest! For more information about AC repair, replacement, and maintenance in Lowcounty, SC, get in touch with us today.